Welcome to the Assessing Technology in Undergraduate Biology Education Group

Who are we?

This group is a collaboration of faculty who are interested in conducting research to assess the effectiveness of technological teaching tools on helping students learn in undergraduate biology education. We are focusing our efforts on technologies that serve as an interface between the students and faculty, such as online learning, social networking, virtual worlds, podcasting, and smartboards. Our group has received funding from the National Science Foundation through the Research Coordination Networks- Undergraduate Biology Education Incubator program to explore the needs of the biology education community on this research topic and to identify an infrastructure that will facilitate this type of research. The core planning members of this group are:

  • Lee Hughes, University of North Texas
  • Juville Dario-Becker, Central Virginia Community College
  • Sam Fan, Bradley University
  • Sue Katz, Rogers State University
  • Ken Klemow, Wilkes University
  • Joyce Shaw, Endicott College

What is the purpose of this site?

This site will serve as an initial gathering point for the exchange of information and ideas relating to our goals. As we hold planning meetings and focus groups, we will use this location to connect with other faculty who are interested in this work and who will form the nucleus of the research network we will propose. This is a place where all interested members of the biology education community are welcome to include their input and expertise as we work toward the common goal of assessing the effectiveness of technology in our teaching.

Sound interesting to you? Please take our survey and also join our group (see information below).

Who can join this site?

Any faculty who are interested in the goals of this research group are welcome to join. Please follow the instructions below to request membership in this site.

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